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Nikhil Chaudhary Wellness has catered to people all over the world to reverse their health conditions using natural food and lifestyle. Contrary to the belief that genetics dictate the health outcome, we have seen amazing transformations in people when they change their eating patterns and lifestyle. In a world where we are taught to treat each organ differently, we treat the body as a single system while taking care of specific problems. Most diseases in the body start because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle and science-based changes in diet and lifestyle have helped millions of people all over the world reverse their condition. There is a lot of research that has happened in this field in the past decades.

Some diseases run in families because of similar eating habits and lifestyles and not so much because of genetics. To change the output, we must change the input. The food we eat and the air we breathe have maximum impact. Since we work with natural foods and lifestyles which are available at your own house and around, they do not have side effects like medicines. We do not believe in a reductionistic approach and don’t propagate philosophy like ancient wisdom, written in holy books, etc. We work with scientific principles and aim to create a population of well-informed healthy people. People adapt to these changes along with their existing line of treatments like Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, etc. For most diseases, these medicines should be only for emergency purposes or transitory. Ultimately, we must cater to our body and its immune system to heal.

Nikhil Chaudhary wellness was started by Nikhil Chaudhary who wants to educate people about how diet, lifestyle, and body works. When people transform their lives and also understand how it works, it stays with them for life. It helps them change their families and community. We work on a timeline basis where our aim is to Guide, teach and make people independent within 3 or max 4 months after which they should be able to handle things on their own.

All this is done to fulfill Nikhil’s mission to:

“Create a tribe of 1 million people who act as epicenters of health to change the community around them and change the world.”

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