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The Burning Solution: Reverse Acidity with Simple Yet Effective Lifestyle Changes

Do heartburn, frequent burps and indigestion due to acidity make you feel anxious and helpless? Is medication becoming regular? Want to come out of this spiral?

Acidity is by far the most misunderstood problem that others fail to empathize with.

Unfortunately, it is also very commonly misdiagnosed due to symptoms like chronic cough, migraine, fluctuating blood pressure, dizziness and more.

The natural food techniques discussed in this book by Nutritionist Nikhil Chaudhary are scientific and based on his experience with patients from across 5 continents and over 43 countries, all of whom benefitted from his advice. Most of them gave up medication in the first week itself.

The commonly adopted methods and suggestions received online are exactly the opposite of what people should be doing and therefore never work for long term relief.

Unfortunately, people undergoing treatments for ailments like cancer and infections as well have acidity as a side effect. This slows the treatment process and dampens their spirit to fight back. This book will be a huge benefit to these people as well.

Pick this book up and empower yourself to break free from the clutches of unwanted sufferings. It is easier than you think and will be faster than you realize!

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