Nikhil is an expert on holistic living and can explain you the crux of simple living with a healthy lifestyle. He will give you a wide idea and comes straight to the point without confusing the person. I highly recommend Nikhil as he can heal you in great most natural way.
Anchita Bhimsaria
Lecturer in Global Academy of Hospitality Education
Nikhil is someone who knows his stuff. He is a master in his subject of Nutrition, what I find fascinating about his work is that he makes the most complicated stuff extremely simple. Such scientific approach in a simple language with logical explanation. Thank you Nikhil for helping me with my doubts and guiding me in the right direction.
Siddartha Rayapudi
Director, Nuacem
Attended a session by Nikhil on building immunity. It was excellent and very well articulated. His way of relating to simple day to day examples and doable things really impressed me.. I believe he must be really doing a great job for the people whom he is advising..
Sarat Kurra
Retd WG CDR Information Security Consultant
Really knowledgeable and very informative session by Nikhil on ways to scientifically build human immunity system and improve lifestyle habits. Highly recommended nutritionist for giving great insights and realistic perspective on health
Sai Krishna
Asst Vice President, DBS Bank
Nikhil has great insight into what foods work and dont, and recommends healing through changes in food intake which is sustainable and gives great results
Sunanda Gundavajhala
Dispatchtrack, HR
Nikhil - my first interaction with Nikhil was at the linkedinlocalhyderabad event where he was one of the speakers. The talk about reversing diseases through right diet really impressed me. We had been in talks ever since and ultimately had a session by him for our PMIPCC associates titled - Building Immunity - a scientific Approach. The insights that he provided to all of us, mostly the "WHY" part of what we do, intake, was really appreciated. Thanks Nikhil, and we look forward to many more such insights and guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for how they can take care of most of their health issues or lifestyle problems with right diet
Director PMIPCC
Recently I had the good fortune to attend a webinar where Nikhil presented his ideas about building our immunity. The way he presented his recommendations and linked them with nutrition, biochemistry, epidemiology left me deeply impressed. The facts were presented in a logical & structured manner, that helped in enhancing our understanding without being overwhelming. Nikhil, thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us and my best wishes for the wonderful work you are doing.
Mahuya Bhattacharya
PMI, West Bengal
Hi, yesterday I took webinar related to health and nutrition by Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary it was my 1st webinar I have ever attended, it was a fruitful meeting and covered lot of points over healthy living, how to cure or avoid fatty liver and other health related issue. I strongly recommend to join in such webinar’s taken and keep yourself and your family healthy by opting natural diet and foods
Pankaj Sharma
Deputy Manager Operations – Paisa Bazaar
A real soldier in this world fighting against both diseases and human habits. Nikhil has been spearheading his fight the diseases without medicines crusade with such passion and I must say I am a very happy client and slowly converting to his teachings. To healthy living
Dr. Latha Vijaybasker
Opthalmologist, Chandigarh
Nikhil is very insightful and has got very good understanding of human system . He is able to connect the disease or any disorder to the deficiency in the system.. this stands out , as this gives the root Diagnosis and there by comes the treatment.. Great going Nikhil ... All the very Best.
Shailaja Priyadarshini
Director KPSR Solutions P Ltd
My father started getting temperature every evening and weakness all day. Initially we let it pass assuming its regular viral, but as days turned to weeks, we knew it cannot be just it. Multiple diagonosis, tests and doctors’s visits; and no result. He had severe joints pain, couldn’t even move his fingers. He usually follows a healthy and active lifestyle and we were getting extremely worked up watch him like this. The biggest worry was, we didn’t even know what was wrong so leave aside any scope of remedy. When we were in Chennai for another round of diagonosis, a casual discussion with Nikhil turned into my biggest blessing. He just went through Dad’s reports and gave the simplest possible remedy. He caught the problem in no time and just 3 rounds of his advised intake of lemons; yes, that simple, a regular household item, dosages of Lemons; and Dad resumed office in just 2 days. Ever since then, my family and I have been falling back on him for various Heath related issues and he always comes up with the simplest possible solution backed by loads of logic. His passion flows in his conversations and I salute his intentions. Nikhil has changed my entire belief system of health and medicines; and I reach out to him for any small or big issue. His confidence and love towards his profession leaves me awestruck. A revolutionary in making. 🙏🏻😊
Tanvi Drolia
Director, KBT Soins P Ltd (Cubby Tales)
Great webinar Nikhil. Your session was quite useful. You have explained every minute details of healthcare in so simplified manner. Great show, keep it up 👍
Ankit Gohel
Zonal Credit Manager, Mortgages CMI at ICICI Bank Ltd
A very intelligent, smart Nutritionist, helping masses without expectation. An Author, a true gentleman.
Hiren Doshi
AGM, Marketing, Newage Fire protection Industries
A ambassador of God to many, a blessing in my life. Nikhil Chaudhary has transformed so many lives with his simple yet effective techniques. He is a master of his craft, reversing deasies by diet. one of my very close relatives was his patient for diabetics and I am so happy to say that he is completely cured only by diet. We also invited Nikhil for his session, in #linkedinlocal and he mesmerized everyone by give simple yet highly impactful tips about food. We are blessed to have Nikhil in our life. He is an angel. I strongly recommend to contact Nikhil in case if you wish to have a cure for any life style disease. Be is acidity, diabetes, cancer or even fatty liver he has the cure. Thank you Nikhil for everything 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sagar Amlani
VP, Fenoplast Limited
Had an opportunity to listen to him at one of the events in Mumbai. His authenticity, research on the subject, his passion to cure people and spread wellness is amazing. If you are struggling with lifestyle diseases, then he can help reverse the disease through diet!
Shweta Ojha
Had an opportunity to attend Nikhil sir's webinar... He took all the common day to day health problems and explained so well how to avoid them just by changing some food habits And also given us chance to ask questions and given solutions to them He is encouraging people to have natural food in the diet.. I highly recommend sir he is so true to his work He looks at the root cause of health issues u asking him and then giving its dietary solutions.
Payal Ahuja
Accounting and Management
As a part of our employee wellness initiative at #OPPO Mobiles India, we recently ran a session on 'Healthy Eating Habits' and we invited Nikhil Chaudhary to facilitate this session. He is an expert in this domain and helped break many of our myths about diet, nutrition and healthy eating. The session was super engaging so much so we had to overshoot the allocated time to address their queries. Thanks Nikhil! 
Shilpa Narang Jerath
CHRO OPPO Mobiles India P Ltd
3 oct 2016. I called Nikhil. It was most tough time of life & my body was in such a bad shape (after 2 months of naturapathy treatment for indigestion and constipation). I had total loss of apetite and bad energy levels of body. it was a big challenge fr me to climb stairs as i was too weak. Gas formation with almost every thing I ate. Too much acidity. Weight was only 47 kg (ht is 5'5"). Nikhil always reassured me that i will recover & its only matter of time. 10000 times I gave up hope when my body was not able to accept the diet. The biggest culprit was my mind which was full of ayurvedic diet concepts that I have pitt vata dosh with predominant pitt dosh so lemon citrus all spices are extremely bad for me. But these were things which were most needed by my body which I came to know after starting diet with Nikhil. He removed all my myths about lemon citrus spices and so many wrong ayurvedic diet concepts which made my body very weak. He not only gave me diet but also all concepts & deep information about how it will work. Being a Doctor and being too intellectual, it is very difficult to convince me unless u have in depth knowledge. But my mind surrendered in front of deep understanding and knowledge of Nikhil. Amazing in depth knowledge of subject. Best part which I love about him is his 24 ×7 support. Even at 12 pm he was available to take care of my body and mind. Because of his unbounding compassion I never hesitated in calling him at any time. He was always there with open heart. My body recovery had so many ups and downs but finally after 4-5 months my apetite improved, constipation never came back, enery levels started improving. My friends and my family all were happy that my body has started recovering. It was only and only nikhil, he could motivate me to continue with diet for such a long time. It was initial phase with him in july 2017 I again started with him for respiratory allergic problems. Again he put all his efforts so that i could recover fast. Earlier I ate fruits smothie and veg juice my cough used to get aggravated. But Through his persistent efforts now I can have fruits and juice any time. My immunity too is better and winters are no more a havoc for me. I was first one to start with sweater and last one to remove it. This winter, all my friends were so puzzled that I am not feeling too much cold, my nose was clear most of the times and no more hankey. I can write a lot about him but words cant explain what he did to my life. He came as angel in my life. At last when any body asks how could I recover i just smile and say its just becoz of nikhil. Thanks Nikhil for being in my life
Dr. Neeru Gupta
Obstetrician-gynecologist in Gurgaon
Thank you Nikhil! I had lot of stress related problems. The most important one was acidity. I was also gaining weight because I was eating whatever I came across as hunger lead to burning sensation right from my throat to my stomach . When I heard of Nikhil through my Husband’s colleague I was first very reluctant as I thought that any form of diet would mean I need to stay hungry atleast at some point of time a day. My husband spoke to me about seeking Nikhil”s advise several times and finally I agreed to speak to him. I started on the diet two months ago. His suggestion of oil pulling, coconut milk in the morning , salads and more specifically moving to red rice gave me a lot of relief. At the end of the first month I had come out of that urge to eat any rubbish that came my way. Last one month I have been on a weight loss diet program . For the last five days I have been on no rice and no roti . Though I haven’t weighed myself I feel lighter and even when I have felt hungry between lunch and dinner I have never once had the burning sensation these five days. Life is so beautiful when you are healthy
Anuradha Raghu
Health Enthusiast, Chennai
What a phenomenon session it was..! Amazed yet shocked, what exactly are we doing to ourselves.? A big Thanks to Nikhil for sharing your knowledge & guiding us with only motive of educating & healing others. Help to mankind can come in any way & this method is simply best. It's said to be a noble cause if you educate or heal others & one who can do both simultaneously should be said a genius. Good job sir, keep spreading your knowledge
Rishab Sharma
Marketing head, Kartar Valves
Thank you for the insightful discussion on immunity building!! You explained everything with the scientific background which made it more interesting.
Talat Shahab
Loves what he does. Awesome session as always
Kumar Saurabh
Kartar Valves
I had the pleasure of attending a call in which Nikhil gave a presentation on nutrition, and our body's ability to fend off disease by making certain dietary changes. His presentation was very insightful, and incredibly relevant in today's environment. We continue to see increases in the autoimmune disorders, which in turn increases the segment of our population that could be described as "compromised" or "vulnerable." Instead of looking only to cure our ills with pharmaceuticals or draconian measures, it would perhaps benefit our species to take a deep breath and see if strengthening ourselves might be of more benefit than trying to weaken the world around us. Thank you, Nikhil, for sharing your knowledge with us!
Jackson Duncan
Senior Consultant, Deloitte
I have known Nikhil personally and professionally for more than 10 years now. The dedication he shows towards his work is impeccable. On the diet side, I have have been consulting him for about 3 years now. I remember the days when I was trying to lose weight and I was speaking to him regarding my weight loss plans, he then suggested me to follow his diet. I lost 23 Kgs within 6 months of diet and physical training. After I heard about his work in cancer curing through diet, I was speechless. I have attended his few sessions and the detailing he has got his impressive. I would highly recommend Nikhil for any disease. Keep up the good spirit Nikhil.
Prashant Rungta
Deputy Manager, Quest Global
Nikhil facilitated a session on Nutritional well being at Deloitte under Deloitte's March Well Being Program: Nutrition. His novel outlook towards curing diseases and disorders by proper nutrition alone created a lot of buzz and curiosity in our company. Nikhil's vast knowledge on the subject and his unique style of delivering that knowledge in a concise and easy-to-digest mode was absorbed really well by the audience. The participants, including professionals joining from different geographies, had an array of questions for Nikhil post the session which he answered to their satisfaction. I, on behalf of all the attendees of the session would definitely recommend Nikhil as a go-to speaker, motivator and guru for his expertise in nutrition and diet well being.
Tejas Patil
Deloitte USI
I have known Nikhil for few months due to the Professional Speakers Hyderabad group I am part of. I am amazed at his unwavering focus on holistic health through natural diets and nutrition, without ever peddling any Products or Supplements. I know he works individually with clients helping them reversing severe ailments acquired due to diverse lifestyle-related issues such as various auto-immune diseases and even many kinds of Cancers. Yesterday (22nd March 2020) during the clampdown of Janata Curfew, I took opportunity to attend his paid seminar. I am really glad that I took the time as I had over 2 hours to get a sense of his overall perspective as well as deep insights into building Immunity naturally which is really the best defence for any of us towards sustaining ourselves for future. Because today it will be Corona tomorrow it will be something else - our own natural defences if compromises how much just the masks and rubbing our hands with sanitizers will really save us? I would certainly recommend my network to take advantage of future webinars of Nikhil in his effort to educate us about how to build immunity from within. One important part of immunity building is also to look around the community and see who offers what - be in products/services, ultimately it is right knowledge we need to tap into to build ourselves stronger from the inside. Nikhil - here is wishing further strength to your voice and commitment on your resolve to make people strong from the inside through natural methods.
JohnJagan Mantha Doe
I met Nikhil Chaudhary through the Professional Speakers Association of India. The first impression you get that stays with you is that here is a young man who is empathetic, genuine, willing to help, knows his stuff and means business. I have always seen him stay in the background while making things work. He works on resolving health challenges (including Diabetes and Cancer) through nutrition, speaks on those topics and is the head of PSAI's Hyderabad Chapter. Having seen him speak, I know he will connect with his audiences because whatever he says comes straight from the heart. As for nutrition, he takes up cases for people as long as they are ready to help themselves. More than anything, I would recommend Nikhil in any of the areas I have talked about as a true professional that you could rely on and trust!
Sudhir Rao
Nikhil, is an extremely articulate and passionate proponent of Health Wellness and healing using the natural methods. His talks on the wellness aspects are an eyeopener for most people who have been puzzled about their health issues. As a professional speaker on Nutrition and Healing using natural means, he is inspiring and captivating. I have had couple of occassions when i had reached out to Nikhil for professional talks for my Investment Advisors forums and his talks were enligthening as they were inspirational. Nikhil, Continue your good work of spreading these nutrition and health benefits that are so badly needed by all of us. May your healing touch reach more people.
Babu Krishnamoorthy
CEO, Finsherpa Investment Services
Easily Approachable... Generous... Non Judgmental... Nikhil Ji is just more than a Doctor... With an immense knowledge on Nutrition and Reversing Diseases, he unfolds every myth about food and diet with such a strong and detailed explanation.. that you are left with no option other than BELIEVING.. Nikhil Ji is on a mission to serve the man-kind selflessly... Recently I practically applied his tips and was able to break the ANTI-BIOTICS Jinx.. Everyone who is lucky enough to get acquainted with Nikhil Ji should avail of his services.. Kudos to the man with such high spirits!!! 😊
Maahi Phulwani
Chartered Accountant
I am a business man and meet quite a number of people on daily basis. Rarely do I find a fine gentleman like you who is extremely knowledgable in this subject, friendly, humble, confident, pleasantly ever smiling, helpful, non commercial and above all bestowed with great humanity which is need of the hour. Indeed nice to know a person like you. 😊
Gautam Ganeriwal
Executive Director, Sitaram Spinners p ltd
It always feels awesome to learn new things from experts by volunteering for them and that's what I did Nikhil, and you were kind enough to allow me sit in your session. I must tell you, It was such a fabulous leanings that I could carry with me at the end of the day. There were two families who had come down to attend and there were 10 people on zoom call from other countries. Everyone who attended were diagnosed with cancer. @Nikhil Professional Speakers Group is helping them in remission of cancer, meaning they would be out of it soon. Two cancer patients expressed immense gratitude to Nikhil for helping them get out of it. It was a great pleasure being in that session, I am very certain to make changes in my food habits and lifestyle. I understood I can't control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body. Healthy living is the new wealth.
Kumar Achanta
International Speaker
Gone are the days when we used to have a single doctor to help us cure our health issues just by observing our eyes, tongue and pulse rate. These days we have a separate doctor for each part of our body. Taking medication to cure one disease is leading to create a new one - more deadlier one!Under one circumstance I happened to hear about Nikhil's way of treating chronic ailments. No matter what the disease is, there is only one cure - Good Food!!Nikhil has a strong background of curing many such ailments just by giving us diet and lifestyle changes based on our body's requirements.Nikhil has been very instrumental in helping me understand that our body can heal itself just by eating right. I find him very knowledgeable, full of wisdom, passionate and empathetic. I also got a chance to attend one of the webinars he conducted on "Cancer is not a genetic disease". The session was very interesting which included helping listeners understand the importance of eating right food and fasting by showing case studies of patients who got cured with his assistance. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who want to cure themselves naturally
Jyothi Gollapudi
Lead Analyst at CGI
Nikhil is an eminent speaker on Nutrition and helping reverse life style diseases through proper diet and nutrition. His advise are very simple and very effective. He make us aware that the solution lies around us and due to ignorance we continue to suffer Nikhil is doing a great job and helping society to overcome stress and related diseases
Sanjeev Goyal
Zonal Head at IDBI Capital Markets and Securities Ltd
Had an opportunity to listen to Nikhil this morning. Amazing talk with great case studies. It was an eye opener talk for any as simplest measures can ensure better health as well as recovery from many ailments. Keep it up Nikhil
Ramakrishnan V Nayak
Director at Dakshin Capital P Ltd
Our journey with Nikhil began in a chance meeting at the end of 2014...Our lives were about to change which we were unaware about...Nikhil's positivity,enthusiasm and undying dedication to help as many as possible people to lead a happy and healthy life didn't leave us untouched...We are extremely blessed and grateful to almighty for giving us an opportunity to know Nikhil ....Nikhil has helped us to combat not one but a couple of lifestyle diseases which were a part of our lives...Thanks to his diet charts,his relentless efforts to make us understand the significance of right food and his constant motivation we have started moving towards a healthier and a happier life, minus the crazy cycles of medications that we were entangled in... Saying thank you to Nikhil would be unfair as he has done much more for us than words can describe...We wish him all the best in all his endeavours and may God bless him and give him all the strength to continue his good work...
Niddhi Chadha
Head, Talent Acquisition
I met Nikhil at a convention of professional speakers at Chennai last January. I found him to be a keen learner,interacting with other speakers without being obtrusive. Met him again at an un-conference recently in Ooty and got to know him much better. His passion for healthy eating was evident from the way he maintained his physique and what filled his breakfast and dinner plates! He made a pitch for healthy eating at the summit without getting preachy and that endeared him to me. I wish him all the success in his personal and professional fronts.
Chendil Kumar
Senior External Consultant Tata Consultancy Services
At a recent program that I attended, I heard Nikhil speak about travelling and its health benefits. What I enjoyed about the talk was how he briefly stated the most obvious reasons, and then spoke at length about the various other benefits to one’s overall wellbeing. Thanks to this talk, I realised that travel is a natural probiotic! With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Nikhil easily makes for a good choice, for a speaker in this niche. What makes him an ideal choice is his ability to articulate and explain the concepts in an easy and engaging manner, with ample anecdotes for clarity. In our conversations later, his keen interest for the subject of nutrition was evident; invariably there were references to lifestyle choices, diet and the like, in a very unobtrusive yet engaging manner. If you’re looking for a speaker who is passionate about this subject and can easily engage with the audience, clearly, you're looking for him.
Indu Divya
International Speaker
Nikhil is a great person to be known apart from all his wealth of knowledge. He is the one who opened my eyes for vegetables shopping which I never did till last year! He made me luv veggies and myself and know my body. He has been a great support and his knowledge and work for turning people into healthy humans is amazing.. I truly appreciate him for his commendable knowledge and aura of owning and binding people together. Happy to meet him in this Life. Keep up the good work
Bhavna Handa
Senior Manager, UPS
I had attended Nikhil’s session on healthy living through food diet 4 yrs back when I worked at L&T, I had tried his diet but could not continue & I had been hearing abt his contributions by helping ppl to live healthy, losing weight & ppl who are fighting cancer through food diet. In the month of February 2018, I wanted to start diet as I had become overweight & Nikhil based on few health reports structured a diet plan & in a span of 4 months I almost lost 15kgs and the diet has become a lifestyle now. Looking at my weight loss many had been asking me to get in touch with Nikhil, even few doctors had. I am happy on Nikhil’s contribution towards healthy living, keep up the good work. You’re a lifesaver Nikhil👍🏻
Yuvraj Neelakandan
Nikhil not only help me quit Smoking but changed my outlook towards life and food. Now - I don’t smoke, drink, or eat junk. He has transformed me….And, I’m loving it. God Bless You!
Rishi Chadha
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