Talks and Associations

Nikhil conducts live online sessions for organizations and groups on various topics.

His flagship webinar of ‘Reversing Diseases by Diet’ has been attended by thousands of people all over the world.

Recently some organizations have shown interest in the following topics depending on the health survey or health analysis they conducted in their respective organizations:

  1. Tips to boost immune system naturally and fight infections
  2. Reversing Fatty liver and High Cholesterol by natural food
  3. Weight loss without any coach

The topic can be customized to focus on one or more aspect if required. Some common requests we receive are:

  1. Focus on reducing stress by Diet and Lifestyle.
  2. Focus on a health aspect which has caused trauma among the group due to any recent events.
  3. Focus on woman health.

It could be something else too. Health is a wide subject and subjective to each. Feel free to discuss your requests with our team.

With past experiences of conducting such sessions in various organizations, some key changes we see in all the members of the audience are:

  1. Conscious effort to take care of their health by choosing the right foods
  2. Awareness about the impact of food in preventing, causing and reversing diseases. They start noticing articles, videos and news on the subject which help build their knowledge further empowering them to become self dependent.
  3. Able to differentiate between real and fake messages received via social media and messaging apps. This reflects directly on their grocery shopping and eventually their health.

If you require any further information, we will be happy to help.

To conduct a life changing session for your employees/ group, get in touch by following the form below or sending us an email.

You can download profile with details here. (Need to create a hyperlink or add the profile pdf, you decide)

Talks and Associations

Nikhil has shared his expertise are

  • Indian Airforce
  • Indian Army
  • Indian Railways
  • L & T IDPL, Chennai
  • Sony India Pvt Ltd (Chennai offices, Hyderabad and Delhi H.O)
  • Dalmiya Cements
  • Vodafone
  • Firstsource
  • Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  • Saksoft Limited
  • Vivek Vidyalaya
  • General Electricals
  • Ujjain Smart City
  • Daimler
  • MFRT – Mutual Fund Round Table
  • Nepal Young Entrepreneurs Forum – Nepal Chamber of Commerce
  • Deloitte
  • 91Springboard
  • Oppo Mobiles
  • Arcesium
  • Kannada Sangha Queensland
  • Shyam Steels
  • Project Management Institute PMI
  • Arya Samaj, Chennai

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