Cancer Care

According to research more than 95% cancers do not have a genetic origin and are diet and lifestyle based. Thousands of case studies show that diet & lifestyle has curing abilities in cancers.

It also improves prognosis of cancer when used with conventional treatments (Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation etc.) It also compliments Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Tibetan Medicine, etc. After all we must eat till we live, whatever treatment we may take.

It helps to reduce side effects, detoxify our body, improve efficiency of medicine, empower our immune system, reduce & prevent cancer. Palliative care patients show great promise in pain management & disease prognosis.

We offer Cancer care services in India and all over the world online and on calls only. We with natural foods only and do not prescribe any supplements, branded products or sell anything.

There is hardly any approach in medicine for cancer Care and non-recurrence. Ultimately we need to get into healthy diet and lifestyle for long term management and prevention.

Please go through our published case studies & testimonials to get a hang of things. We do not promise any outcomes and we do not advice starting or stopping any conventional (medical) treatments. These decisions are completely yours & must be taken under the guidance of your doctor.

Our Cancer care program in India and all over the world are similar and include Dietary Guidelines, Breathing Training, Yoga Exercises, Meditation Sessions, etc. live or recorded with expert guidance. All of these are online and on calls.

Do attend the webinar on ‘Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Cancer’ (Available in English and Hindi) to understand it better. You can join our group coaching program or opt for one on one consultation with Nikhil. He is a leading Cancer dietician consultant in India and abroad working with patients in over 42 countries in all 5 continents.

“Every Morsel of Food impacts cancer growth positively or negatively.” Watch it!

Initial Discussion

INR 999 + taxes

(Can be set off against the Monthly Program if you chose to take it up)

(Please be informed that we do not take up Kidney cases, Pregnant woman cases, Infants and Auto Immune diseases)

Cancer Care Program

1st month consulting – INR 25,000/-

2nd month (and onwards) consulting – INR 15,000/-

*Cancer Survivors can take up health care programs.

Please read T&C before signing up.

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